Helpful Tech For Your Downtown Houston Apartments

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It’s amazing to see how far home technology has come the past few years. From voice commands to tapping a command on a phone app your downtown Houston apartments can almost run itself.


At Dolce Midtown we’re all about helping to make your life easier, so that’s why for this blog we’re sharing some of our picks to smarten up your apartment. When you finish reading through the list, please feel free to share it with your friends, neighbors and anyone else who might be interested in learning a little more about our community of Houston, TX luxury apartments.  


Robot Vacuum


Floors don’t always get the love and attention they need even though they are one of the most used features in an apartment. It’s easy to want to push off vacuuming and sweeping your downtown Houston apartments. So why not have a robot take care of it for you?


There are a number of robot vacuums on the market at varying price points. These vacuums will take care of cleaning all of your floors at the push of a button and most are compatible across floor types. For maximum efficiency, you’ll need to be sure that floors are clear of debris, which means that using a robot vacuum will also force you to tidy up a bit and pick up clothes on the ground.


Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are super convenient both for inside and outside of downtown Houston apartments. Use them while you’re out by the pool or grilling, and inside to listen to news and music. Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo take a regular Bluetooth speaker to the next level.


The Amazon Echo has a library of thousands of skills you can download to do everything from order pizza to dim your lights and provide daily trivia facts. The Echo is activated through voice command and compatible with many devices you might already own.  




Just like everything else, watches have gotten a makeover recently. Gone are the days of having a watch with arms that tick. Now your wrist can be a hub for reading email, texts and tracking your heartbeat.


There many smartwatches available on the market for all sorts of lifestyles. Apple users have access to the Apple Watch, while Android users can tap into a number of different brands.


If you’re into having a device to help you stay on top of your exercise and fitness regiments FitBit and Garmin watches are great options to track your steps, heart rate and distance traveled.  


There are always new gadgets being introduced to the tech industry, but these are some tried and true options for apartment residents.


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